Start eating healthy with our 5 week starter pack & enjoy free smoothies


  • Meals are updated seasonally with exciting,  fresh, bold flavours and fresh recipes.
  • Calories in our meals are Controlled by a nutritionist.
  • Let us help you to make the right choice. Call 087 1932 111
  • No shopping and no chopping required from you, just have more time!


  • All meals are perfectly portioned to take the guesswork out of healthy eating.
  • Choose the Meal Plan that suits your lifestyle our meal plans starts with one meal per day to a full day supply.
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  • We deliver meals in chilled van in temperature between 0-3*C degrees
  • Fresh meals are delivered every Monday & Wednesday between 5.30am and 1pm, directly to your work or home. Let us know in your order what time suits you the best.

Do you want more meals at once? No problem. contact our sales team now!


HEAR IT STRAIGHT FROM our happy customers

Cheap Healthy Meals South Dublin

Fit Meal saves me so much time and hassle. I don’t need to plan my meals, go shopping, cook or clean up the mess afterwards. And it ensures that I have a healthy diet, with less snacks. The food is really tasty and freshly made, just the way I like it!

LINDA C / Dundrum, D14
Healthy Food South Dublin

I was struggling coming home late from work and not getting my meal until 9pm+. Fit Meal solved this perfectly. The meals are the exact right amount of protein, carbs, veg and fats in the correct portion size. I have more energy, while it is costing me the same amount as a shop!

Kathy H / Leopardstown, D18

I did not have the time (To shop and prepare food) because I am running a business. Now with Fit Meal I have lots more energy and stamina. I have lost 8lbs in 6 weeks for the first time in my life. It is great that I am eating proper food that is really nutritious!

Tom D / Sandyford, D18



Whether you decide just eat healthily or loose significant amount of weight, we are ready to help.

Call us today and we help you to outline a fitness program, food and fluid intake needs and step by step guide to make the right choice.

087 1932 111


Our brilliant chefs work hard to bring you the most delicious, fresh and nutritious meals.

We use high grade quality meat, fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables. We don’t add to our food preservatives, artificial ingredients or sugar.

Each healthy meal is created to be as nutritious and balanced as possible, without ever losing flavour.

Our Menu changes every week !


With the click of a button, your healthy meals will be delivered to you. Once you receive the meals, all you have to do is heat, eat and repeat.

Your body is your temple, you will see positive results if you stay consistent. Watch out for your total weekly food intake, stay hydrated, follow a workout routine and feel awesome!

We love hearing from you! Ask us about anything whats on your mind.