This weeks’ Superfood Spotlight is all about super Sprouts!


Bean sprouts are exactly what they sound like… sprouts from beans! These small, finger-like, edible sprouts have a nice crunch with a crisp, nutty flavor. They are typically eaten raw, but can be sautéed for warm dishes also. Bean sprouts are very common around the globe, especially in eastern cultures.


Bean sprouts have an exceptional nutritional profile for a small amount of calories. Sprouts can yield up to 800% more nutrition than fully grown vegetables! That’s right foodies. These babies are packing a nutrient-dense punch! Some of the essential vitamins & minerals contained include B-Vitamins, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Iron. Of particular importance is folate, which sprouts are rich in. Folate is critical for creating DNA, producing and maintaining new cells, and making healthy red blood cells. Some of the other notable health benefits of sprouts include anxiety reduction (due to the bioflavonoids present), maintenance of healthy eye sight (due to folate, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12), immune support (due to Vitamin C #TeamNeverGetSick), reduced risk of coronary heart disease (due to Vitamin K), and increased bone density (due to manganese which is beneficial is building strong bones). Just one small cup of bean sprouts (104 grams) only has 31 calories, but, as you can see, a multitude of incredible, health promoting benefits!

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