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While not specifically listed on the nutrition label, starches make up a large portion of the total carbohydrates consumed. Because starch is a plant-based molecule, dietary starch is found primarily in plant-based foods. Breads, pastas, rice and tortillas are all excellent sources of starch. Vegetables such as peas, corn and potatoes also contain starch, and […]

Why you should have Vitamin C always ready to hand

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate, is an essential vitamin to the human body. It could very well be one of the safest and most important vitamins you could take on a daily basis. Vitamin C is most known as the first thing people go for whenever they have a cold. It […]

Are Oats Gluten-Free?

Oats are often praised as one of the healthiest breakfast options around — but many people are also confused about how they’re made and what makes them different from other cereal grains. Left wondering, “Are oats gluten-free?” some people choose to give them up all together without knowing the full story.     So what’s the verdict […]

Learn how to Stay in shape all year long by making these small adjustments.

Few tips on how to live healthier and happier life using these simple methods.   Coconut flour is Glutenfree , low in Carbohydrates and high in fibre. It will kickstart your metabolism. As all dairy products might be not the best addition to our meal plan, almond, coconut, hazelnut milk makes great substitute offering higher […]

Superfood Spotlight: Sea Salt

This weeks’ Superfood Spotlight is a gift from the ocean – Sea Salt! THE “WHAT” Sea salt is produced from the evaporation of current seawater. Pink Himalayan sea salt, known as “pink gold”, is an unrefined form of Himalayan crystal salt that comes from naturally formed sea and mountain beds. It is commonly found in the Himalayas, […]

Superfood Spotlight: Pears

THE “WHAT” Pears are a member of the rose family and are at the peak of their season here in the tropical climate of Florida! There are over 300 known species, from the speckled green Bartlett to the earthy brown Bosc. Evidence suggests that pears are even prehistoric, having been eaten and cultivated for nearly 3,000 years. THE […]

Superfood Spotlight: Pineapple

THE “WHAT” Pineapple isn’t just your average fruit… well, technically, it’s not one fruit, rather 100-200 fruitlets fused together. The draught-tolerant, fruit bearing plant can grow up to eight feet tall. The tropical produce is a fruit with a rough, spiky outer skin. Pineapple is both sweet and tart, and has a slight chewy texture due to its fiber-like pectin content. Native […]

Superfood Spotlight: Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is a dark purplish/red, cruciferous veggie that is tasty raw, cooked, or fermented #ProbioticsGalore! It’s also known as purple cabbage, red kraut, or even blue kraut (after being prepared with heat). Of the two cabbage varieties, red cabbage is a bit more peppery, smaller, and denser than green cabbage heads. The purple color comes from the […]

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