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Diets in a Nutshell, which is Right for You?

We hear of many diets, ranging from Paleo to Ketogenic, Carbohydrate Cycling and Very Low Calorie diet. The choices are endless and you may be left confused, which one is going to help me drop to the dress size I desire, or tone up and strengthen my muscles? Paleo for example looks at eating the […]

Do you battle the weight with low results? maybe you should change something…

Personal Training is a great way for everyone out there trying to get fit ,be safe and healthy and battle the weight…however, false hope to everyone who thinks they will achieve great results and in most examples people want quick results with little effort and self control. It’s a long term battle for everyone, the […]

5 hacks to Improve your Life

Are you improving on exercise, sleep, diet or work habits than a year ago? FOOD -improve your eating habits, do small adjustments. Make smaller portions and re-check your shopping list. Throw away some processed stuff and add more veg and some fruits.   THE WAY YOU LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE -do you have annoying colleague or […]

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