We hear of many diets, ranging from Paleo to Ketogenic, Carbohydrate Cycling and Very Low Calorie diet. The choices are endless and you may be left confused, which one is going to help me drop to the dress size I desire, or tone up and strengthen my muscles?

Paleo for example looks at eating the Caveman style, a hunter gatherer that hunted for wild games and all that can swim. Adding to that the green leafy vegetables that grew above ground, some nuts and seeds in small amount. Grains and rice are not allowed.

Another diet is the Ketogenic Diet. It is almost like Paleo in food groups but it focuses on shifting your body from burning glucose for energy to burning fat. When the body is Keto adapted, it accesses its stored fat reserves to use for the needed energy and therefore, resulting in fat loss at a rapid time pace. Carb consumption is kept under 20grams per day on this diet to ensure keto adaptation. Eating sugary food even once may trigger insulin production and knock you off ketosis.

The third approach to fat loss is Carb Cycling, this aims at manipulating the usage of stored body fat, when amount of Carbohydrates eaten are very low, the body compensates by burning its stored fats. It is better to train heavier on high carb day. The graph shows an average numbers and an average approach.


Very Low Calorie diet. Drop in total calorie intake than your body requires will result in a significant drop of weight. It can be sustainable just for a limited period before your body enters a starvation mode and the metabolism slows down. Thus, your body will hold onto its stored fat and we often hear people complaining that they reached a stage and stopped losing weight, hitting a Plateau.




For an optimal physical endurance, you will need glucose to replenish glycogen stores in your muscles and for this to happen, you will use carbohydrates around your exercise times to make use of glucose and this will prevent any sugar from turning into stored fat in your body.


Confused yet? The answer is that these diets work well if you follow the correct advice from a professional that can support you throughout the stages of fat loss. It is important to learn how to balance your meals and fit a realistic exercise routine. A fitness professional said: ‘the body is built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym’. Eating whole foods, clean diet during a weight loss process is very important because your body knows how to easily digest these foods and use them for energy, nutrition and hydration. Results leads to feeling healthy, focused and ready to perform better and better every day.


Nevertheless, throughout my fitness journey I learnt that adhering to great restrictions is unsustainable. The best approach to a strong and fit physique is to simply focus on Calories-in versus Calories-out. When you eat well, more balanced healthy meals and support this with exercise you will be guaranteed sustainable success. You will not ditch the carbs, and you will still have your slice of cake on occasions. You will not say no to a scone with jam and butter and you will not feel deprived of all the treats that surround you at work, shopping stores and even your home. You will simply eat them moderately and time your sugar consumption to days when you burn them off through exercise and physical endurance. Pay attention to your portion sizes, keep it reasonably small and frequent; this will prevent overeating and keep your metabolism accelerated.




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