Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions Below

Do I Have To Be Home For My Delivery?

You don’t have to be home to receive your order although we do love seeing your smiling face to receive your meals! If you do not plan on being home for your delivery, we can place your meals in the porche or any other cool environment suggested. We don’t recommend the meals being left outside longer than 2 hours.

When Do We Deliver?

Meals are delivered to your home or place of work between 5am-12pm on Mondays & Wednesdays and Tuesday & Thursday on Bank holiday week.

Drivers are delivering meals following the road map so custom times might not be always available. Let us know what time suits you the best and after a check with our drivers we let you know.

Don’t forget to inform us about entrance security codes etc, that we can access your place even very early without disturbing anyone.

What Happens If I Miss My Meal Delivery?

We will attempt to deliver your meals to the address you provide for us during the checkout process. If you are not there for delivery we will attempt to text and call you first.

However, if we do not hear back from you by the time the driver’s route is over, we will bring your meals to our Kitchen based in the building of NEW MARKET KITCHEN, Unit 3, IDA Business Park, Atlas Court, Southerncross road, Bray and you will need to arrange a collection or another delivery.

Please note that if you decide for another delivery, we need to charge an extra delivery fee of €10.00.

Additionally we can freeze your meals and bring them with your next delivery.

Can I pick up the food myself?

Yes. Time of the collection must be arranged beforehand.


What Am I Eating This Week?

We send fresh menu straight to your inbox if you are our newsletter subscriber. Subscribe for menu and updates here https://fitmeal.ie/contact.

If you would like to see it without subscribing then email info@fitmeal.ie or Whatsapp 0871932111 us.

Can I Pay You Weekly By Cash?

No, unfortunately not. For security reasons & the safety of our drivers all payments are done by debit or credit card securely through our website.

How Do I Hold My Membership?

If you need to hold your membership, please email us at info@fitmeal.ie, or give us a call at 087 1932 111. Holds must be done in 1 week intervals. Also, please let us know at least one week prior that you will need to place your membership on hold, so we have adequate time to communicate to our kitchen.

Do you deliver on Bank Holidays?

No. In the event of Bank holiday we start with our deliveries on Tuesday. The good news are that you still get your 5 days meals! On Tuesday we deliver to you meals for Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Thursday we deliver to you meals for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Is FitMeal suitable for pregnant?

Yes. We use only top quality meat and vegetable, natural seasonings and herbs. No preservatives or processed products. Your baby is going be happy and you will notice increased energy levels.

What if i dont have time to eat my meals?

We understand. You are busy and its not always easy to find 5 minut of spare time. Lunchtime is over and now is time for dinner. Skip the meal then and freeze it for another day. Eat just your dinner. 

Can i Heat FitMeal in the food tray?



Our paper food trays with window are microwaveable.

Insert the whole container in your microwave and heat for 2 minutes. Remove the lid, stir and try if the food is piping hot thoroughly.

 Make 30 seconds increments after that if needed.
(Times may vary depending on your microwave)


Our trays are NOT suitable for oven heating. 


Can I cancel and receive a refund after I place my order?

If you have placed your order by a mistake or forgotten to add/remove any part please let us know within 8 hours from the time your order has been submitted. Full or partial refund will be applied.

If you need to cancel your order for any reason, please let us know and together we will find a solution for you. Refund will be applied only if we can not provide the service we have promised.

No refunds can be administrated once your order has been fully submitted (more than 8 hours) and/or work in the kitchen has started.



For how many days is the food delivered in total?

We supply you with meals for 5 days.

How shall i heat my food

Heating your food is super easy.

Keep the container unopened and put inside your microwave. Heat on a full power for 3 minutes and then remove using a kitchen towel to protect your hand from the heat.

The edges are pierced. Pull up slightly one corner of the container and create a hole. Mind the steam coming out. Continue pulling until the lid comes off.