How to lose a stone in 2 months 


Summer holidays are just around the corner and images of golden sandy beaches beckon.

But if the idea of exposing your body makes you squirm – don’t panic. This is the perfect time to start the pain-free way to get in shape for the summer.

Two to three months is ample time to shift at least a stone. And the good news is you don’t have to make drastic alterations to your life. Instead start integrating small changes into your routine. Rather than taking the lift, climb the stairs. Or take up a new hobby such as dancing or gardening – you’ll be amazed how many calories you can burn up.

There are plenty of dietary alterations you can make too. Substitute porridge for muesli and rice biscuits for bread. Chicken and ham is far less fattening than cheese.

“Avoid yo-yo dieting or cutting out food. Many celebrities seen cavorting around beaches are much too thin. Be realistic and be happy with your shape.

Here is our pain-free guide to shaping up for the summer. By losing two to three pounds a week, within two to three months you will have lost a stone without risking yo-yo effect.

Avoid large portions of cheese:
Instead of filling sandwiches with cheese, try replacing with lean ham (107 calories) or chicken (148 calories). If you must have cheese replace cheddar cheese (around 412 calories) with Edam (333 calories), or cottage cheese (98 calories

Cut down on alcohol:
A typical glass of wine contains around 100 calories and a pint of beer, 200 calories. Every gram of alcohol is worth around seven calories, so if you’re drinking three times a week you’ll soon pile on the pounds.

Try cutting your weekly alcohol intake by half. If you drink two glasses of wine each night, cut it down to one. Alternatively drink spritzers (half wine, half water) instead. A spritzer contains around 50 calories.

Change your pasta sauce:
Use a tomato-based sauce (47 calories) instead of a creamy sauce (around 270 calories). Tomatoes contain less fat and have an added benefit of lycopene. Lycopene produces ‘antioxidant’ activity in the body.

Alternate bread:
Although bread does not contain a huge amount of calories (82 calories), there are some delicious crisp breads and rice biscuits with sesame seeds that contain only around 32 calories – half.

Rethink your breakfast cereal:
Contrary to popular thought porridge is low fat (around 130 calories), satisfying and full of fiber. In contrast muesli is considerably higher in fat (around 182 calories).

Give up creamy desserts:
Replace desserts such as cheesecake (426 calories) with reduced fat Greek yogurt (80 calories) and a teaspoon of honey (15 calories). Baked baked apples (50 calories) served with two teaspoons of sultanas (40 calories) is a tasty alternative.

Stick to Fit Meal

You guess: I couldn’t skip this one, haha. Our perfectly measured meals are the right foods for you. Spread 4-6 meals through the day in intervals of 3-4 hours. for example 6.30am breakfast. 9.30 snack, 12.30 lunch, 4pm snack and  8pm supper. Be consistent and if you skip meal, don’t replace it. Move on your next meal instead.

Take a brisk walk:
Taking a brisk 20-30 minute walk three to five times a day will burn up 100-150 calories. You can increase the intensity of your workout by pushing a pram or carrying your shopping instead of taking the bus.

Climb the stairs:
Avoid taking the lift and climb the stairs everyday. If you can keep it up you could lose two pounds a week. You’ll use up eight times more calories than if you float up on an escalator or take the lift. Start with three flights and build up.

Take up gardening:

According to sports dietitians gardeners use up four times more calories raking the lawn than just sitting on it! The same applies to weeding; whereas digging the garden uses up five times more calories than non-gardeners.

Go dancing:
Taking regular ballet or salsa classes means you can lose up to two pounds a week. You can burn up to six times more calories than normal and tone up key muscle areas such as bottom and thighs.

Play badminton:
Badminton is a good sociable exercise that involves short bursts of powerful activity. You use up over four times more calories than an amble stroll.

Have sex:
Although sex is not the most efficient way to lose weight, you can burn between 100 and 250 calories an hour and also exercise the major muscle groups. If you have moderately active sex twice a week, you burn an extra 5,000 calories a year – the equivalent of a 50 mile run at a slow pace. 

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