Few tips on how to live healthier and happier life using these simple methods.


Coconut flour is Gluten Free , low in Carbohydrates and high in fibre.

It will kickstart your metabolism.

As all dairy products might be not the best addition to our meal plan, almond, coconut, hazelnut milk makes great substitute offering higher number of vitamins and minerals. We serve overnight soaked oats as a breakfast option.


Oats are great source of energy, carbohydrate, fibre and protein. Oats will help you digest better and clean your guts.


Make your lunch a way lighter with this tiny adjustment. Cauliflower mash is done in no time and you will be full of energy afterwards.


Sugar is called an Empty calorie. We all love it but why won’t you try swapping it for honey and reduce risk of cancer, heart diseases, ulcers. Honey is antibacterial Anti fungal, reduces caught and throat irritation.


Himalayan salt detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH. Helps balance blood pressure and contains over 84 minerals and trace elements.

We in FitMeal are using this superior salt.


Easy swap from ton of calories to nearly zero calories. Zucchini ribbons are already in our menu in zane Spicy Wok.

Carrot contains less carbohydrates, than potatoes. Fried potatoes or fried carrots are the same. We in Fitmeal don’t use deep fried stuff. We like to use traditional baking with olive oil and fresh herbs.


Less calories and more joy. Banana is a great source of potassium and will help you stop cramping after long walk or heavy training.


If you need a nibble – popcorn offers great substitute to chips. Popcorn contains 1/3rd of the calories of chips, contains fibre and is gluten-free , which is bonus for your digestive system.


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