Protein Smoothie

17.50 / week

These Smoothies are the ultimate meal to-go. Not only they are super healthy, also delicious, filling and always ready to hand. You will love them !

Be sure you store them in the fridge in temperateure between 0-5C. Shake before use as the content might separate from the milk. That’s natural, don’t worry! We use only natural fresh ingredients.

What’s in : 5 smoothies over 5 days

  • Skimmed milk/we can substitute for almond milk (extra €1 per smoothie)
  • protein isolate
  • fruit as Strawberries, mixed forest fruit or Avocado
  • vegetable as Celery or baby Spinach
  • Peanut butter Chocolate and Banana smoothie contains peanut butter
  • 245ml serving size

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