We often hear that healthy lifestyle is the key to Happier life. When we say healthy, many will think only about food. But it’s much more than this. To stay healthy mainly means that you should stress less. Because STRESS can help in a small amount, but it can be a serious problem if is persistently in our life.

I will talk about Cortisol, how it works and what it causes. Understanding cortisol and its affect on the body will help you balance your hormones and achieve good health.

Cortisol is often called the “stress hormone” because of its connection to the stress response, however, cortisol is much more than just a hormone released during stress.

Cortisol can help control blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism, help reduce inflammation, and assist with memory formulation. It has a controlling effect on salt and water balance and helps control blood pressure.

So if you’re staying on the healthy side and your Cortisol levels are in the lower zone, then you’re safe.

But what if your stress level goes through the roof and your Cortisol levels too? Read carefully now… People with high cortisol levels will experience rapid weight gain in the face, abdomen, and chest. You will notice this because of the individual’s slender arms and legs compared to the heavy weight in the core of the body. High cortisol also causes a flushed face, high blood pressure, and changes in the skin, osteoporosis and mood swings, anxiety and depression.

High cortisol levels can also contribute to changes in a woman’s libido and menstrual cycle.

How to fix or prevent high cortisol?

1- sleep at least 7 hours each night 😴

2-exercise 🏋️🏿‍♂️- but not too much for too long

3-eat healthy foods! 🥗Don’t forget that dark chocolate is healthy too 🥰🤩🍫

4-add ashwagandha to your diet. Ashwagandha once or twice daily reduces cortisol levels 🍃

5-drink more water and fresh home made green juices 🔋

6-change your job if yours sucks

7-go dance once per week🕺🏿💃

8-plan your holiday ✈️

9-force yourself to relax.🧘🏼‍♂️

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