Who doesn’t want shredded abs? But the secret? Well I wouldn’t call it a secret but it is elusive for most to say the least. It’s called hard work and strict discipline. Hard work mainly comes from the fact that abs just aren’t fun to train. Abs are not an “ego” muscle group from a training standpoint. You have to drum up the motivation and you can’t train your abs as if they’re an afterthought. The discipline comes in with training consistency and very strict adherence to an ultra clean diet. That’s the secret to shredded abs.

First, training your abs correctly is a major part of the equation for achieving a well-defined midsection. The more intelligently you train, the better abdominal development you will have.

Train your abs with intensity and overload. Remember, the abdominal muscles are stimulated by overload just like all other muscles. Don’t be fooled into thinking that doing hundreds of reps is going to burn the fat off your midsection. It doesn’t work that way.

Exercise for optimum ab development include weighted leg lifts, weighted rope crunches, weighted crunches. There are many variations to these exercises but the primary focus is on overloading the muscles.

Second, in order to see the abs you have developed you need to lower your body fat level. You can have great ab development but if it is covered up by body fat neither you or anyone else will be able to see them. So, in order to get great looking abs you have to increase you level of definition. This is best accomplished by careful attention to your nutrition and the addition of some intelligent cardiovascular activity.

Lowering your body fat and gaining definition is a straight forward process. Basically you need to burn more calories than you consume. This is done by eating less and expending more energy. That’s how you burn fat. Simple huh? Determine your caloric requirements for maintaining your current bodyweight. Now lower your calories by approximately 200 per day.

Now add some cardiovascular exercise. Start with 3 light 30 minutes long cardio sessions a week. This will help you burn more calories and  dramatically raise your resting metabolic rate. You’ll burn more calorie all day long.

As the weeks go on you can progressively lower your daily calories and/or add some additional Cardio sessions based on your progress. This progressive approach will be determined by the results you see. Set a 3 month goal for greater definition. As you progressively lower your calories and increase your Cardio sessions increased definition will follow.


  1. Train abs often. Use overload.
  2. Reduce calorie intake to 200 below maintenance levels. Adjust as needed.
  3. Do 3 Cardio sessions per week.

Keep training your abs smart and keep a close eye on your nutrition. Remaining consistent with these variables and you will be on your way to well-developed and shredded abs.


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