Life doesn’t seem to play fair with all equally. Some people will lift light weights and do non or just a little cardio and are slim and some will struggle lifting heavy for 1-2 hours per day plus doing cardio endlessly and still – no change.

So where is the problem ? That is a good question 🙂 and we should always ask ourselves the same.


Timing is huge, timing is the Key.

Do u think ur timing is right ? Let’s have a quick look at our body functions. I will make it as simple as possible: As we know our bodies uses fat , protein and carbohydrates broken down for a fuel over the day and night. What we have to understand is how the body behaves after being supplied by those different sources of energy. We must consider hormone Insulin which is released to lower glucose level in the bloodstream and our sensitivity to it. In kind of the same way, eating carbs too often can make us less sensitive to insulin. When that happens, our pancreas need to produce more insulin than we should need to in order to keep blood sugar stable.

That’s the problematic area. If insulin sensitivity becomes poor, we have trouble digesting carbs and absorbing nutrients, and we gain weight. In the morning is sensitivity higher than in the evening so logically we can eat carbohydrate rich food towards the morning (and use it mainly as energy) rather than evening time (and store). But here is the myth of having carb loaded breakfast. We have been told by all media that having porridge and breads and weetabix are the best for us, we eat it over and over again and surprisingly not dropping stubborn belly fat and bum and leg fat… That sucks!

If this could be you or someone you know and if your old diet didn’t fit your life or just simply didn’t work for you – Change it ! Now it’s the time you go and experiment !!! BTW If you are already gaining weight so what are you going to lose ? Nothing, Right?

Try to stay all day long on protein and fats and in the afternoon as a reward have nice carb dish as a bread, pasta or pizza or potato or a chocolate dessert . I’m not saying go to “all you can eat” kind of style, that would be silly if you trying to shred down. If you trained have bit more and if you didn’t then have less.  The best time for training somewhere between 3-6pm. I like to train first thing in the morning so it’s clearly your business when u smash the session.

You can do even better and with or after the carb meal have some insulin sensitisers such as apple cider vinegar, pickles or turmeric.

There are more ways how to shred down while still keeping your muscle mass full and maintaining healthy state but for now give this diet a go for 2-3 weeks and then let me know how it worked for you. I will appreciate any feedback.

I want to know how u felt before starting how u felt while on it and how you feel after 3 weeks. You still need to do some resistance training, at least 3x per week plus 3x per week HIIT 15-20min or light jog 30-40min.

Regards, Zane

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